Monday 2 March 2009

Lost Season 5

Is it me or does Lost finally feel like it's going somewhere?

This season has been superb so far.  It is the about the only thing I watch religiously on TV these days.  Must get into The Wire sometime...

So Season 5, get back to the Island!  Yep some of them aren't lost anymore but soon they will be again, or are again.  Is Locke the messiah?  Better than Bono I guess.  The Island travels through time, moves, makes people better.  Maybe it's Dr Who.  Still wondering if there's going to be a Cloverfield reference at some point.  Apparently the sequel for that just got the green light.

So anyway last episode (7) we found out how Locke died, and then saw him alive once his body got back on the Island.  Which sort of explains Jack's Dad turning up all the time, doesn't it?

Looks like we've got a new load of plane crash victims to contend with too.  Not the first plane, this was a new one, you follow?

Lost has always been a bit mental and season 3 and to a lesser extent 4 kind of bit the shark but now it rocks again, glad I stuck it out.

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