Saturday 7 March 2009

The Magicians Guild - Review

This was one of those slow burners of a book.  Trudi Canavan does a good job of bringing her world to life but then nothing very much seemed to happen for the first half of the book.  This is not action packed fantasy fiction.  It's wordy and full of political intrigue.

The second half sees that action pick up the pace as the main protagonist Sonea finally end up in the hands of the Magicians.  Everyone has more than one agenda here apart from the Dumbledore like Rothen who attempts to take the poor uncultured Sonea under his wing and teach her about her magical abilities.  If it all sounds a bit Harry Potter, there are similarities, don't be put off.  There's considerably more depth here.  I will be buying the next book in the trilogy as I ended up looking forward to my snatched opportunities to read this during the last week.  


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