Saturday 7 March 2009


Chris Tookey writes film reviews for the Daily Mail.  Presumably this means he has some form of influence over the general populous.

I don't read the Mail.  I barely consider it a paper.  To write for it you need to have some kind of weird lust to wind up everyone by being as right wing and conservative as possible.

My fellow Ledgers are often amused by his film reviews.  AT just commented on Tookey's Watchmen review on his facebook page.  So I went and read it out of curiosity.  

If you read the Mail, and if you do I genuinely urge you to stop, please refer to my review or download Wossy's on i-Player.

The film is violent.  The film is based on a comic book.  What Tookey fails to recognise is the genius of the source material and how well the film sticks to the principles of the graphic novel.  Including the violence. 

It isn't diluted by being moved to the big screen.  I said in my review that it would divide opinion and I guess I was right about that.  Tookey insults anyone that's ever picked up a comic in his review because he doesn't understand the genre.  

Steer clear of the Mail fore it is evil.

(I guess I just got wound up by a right wing tosser.)

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