Friday 13 March 2009


Today was a good day. Finally John Giddings got something right.  Naturally not every one's happy but the Pixies are playing Sunday night at the Isle of Wight Festival.  And god do I love the Pixies.
MC's happy, the brother in law is happy, Gos is happy and I now have a band that I've not seen before that I love on the bill.  I'm well happy.  AT is gonna be set some homework, Christ knows whether he'll like them or not, such a fickle child.

The Pixies were one of those first bands on the 4AD label who started to change the Alt Rock scene in the States before Nirvana broke the mainstream and changed it permanently.  To say they were a big influence on Cobain and co would be a bit of an understatement.  Listen to Debaser, recognise the riff...?

This Monkey's just gone to heaven.

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