Friday 13 March 2009

United v's Liverpool

Working tomorrow so frustratingly will not be watching, at least not in full...

Can we turn them over in their own back yard and drag ourselves back into the title race?  Maybe, but I feel a draw coming.  Benitez needs to, in the words of AT, 'pluck up the balls' to pick a side to win.  Gerrard behind Nando and Babel out wide.  We need to take it to them, defence is solid enough to gamble a bit surely.

But chances are he won't.  He'll sling five across the middle and try and swamp them.  He'll focus on not losing rather than winning.  It won't be enough.

United are the strongest side in the country, the most consistent and the most dangerous going forward but they are not unbeatable and to stand any chance of winning the title we need to set an example the rest of the League can follow.  Out fight them, take your chances and blow the whole thing open again.

Go on Rafa, prove me wrong, show us that you can be a great manager in the Premiership as well as in Europe and silence Old Trafford.

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