Monday 27 April 2009

3 days off went pretty well..

Three day weekend draws to close then, time to reflect.


United won 5-2.  Rubbish.

Had top day with former best man.  Thus creating balance.


Sunday was just lovely.


Hmmm.. Sky+HD.  Brilliant.

DE over for some Guitar Hero, I've moved up to medium.... get me.  Then two sessions of FIFA.  I won them both.  He just can't live with Nando.

So in a nutshell, a really ace weekend.  Apart from United.  Which I could have said at the start, abut  that would have meant a short post.

Also as a lil post script, thanks to everyone who's reading, I'm went over a 1000 hits today and I'm a little gob smacked really.  But ta and that. 

Also I've found the italic button....

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