Tuesday 28 April 2009

Chili and Cheese Part 2

Chili and theboycheese.  Although the chili was underwhelming.  However we did get some Guitar Hero in before the footy, he showed some promising drumming skills too.  And then matched my 100% on Linkin Park.  The bugger.

Game was a bit rubbish too.  Barca 0 Chlesea 0.  Chelsea just frustrated the Catalans really.  Bit boring, and a lot of falling over on an overly watered pitch.  AB was there as well.  For someone who isn't liking the football anymore he's sure going to a lot of games.  Most of them at Old Trafford.  And he's a Chelsea fan.  Odd.  Well at least he watched them tonight, in Spain, at the Nou Camp.  Frickin' best mate!  Where, where, where was my ticket.... actually there's no way I could have gone... and I am in no way envious.  No really, honest and that.

While we're on the subject of football, how do ITV get away with the appalling quality of the picture during games.  It is so so bad.  Just awful.

Swine Flu in Mexico spreading around the globe.  How do these things start.  Reminds me of the Gervais sketch from Animals.  But I won't go there. 

I'll leave that to Ricky....

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