Tuesday 7 April 2009

Burnout - Online Review

Kinda feels pretty pointless to review this cause it's been out for ages and I've had since Boxing Day.  But like, wow!

AT and I only spent an hour playing this afternoon, once his had finished updating, but stunning to play against a friend over the network.  No lag, gorgeous graphics, and loads of cool little features to add to the experience.

These include the eyetoy taking a quick pic after each race or Takedown and then uploading it for your mate to see.  Nice.  Also being able play any music you have stored on the harddrive is refreshing, only Wipeout doing this with any degree of success previously.  Hold your head in shame ProEvo.

Only seemed able to Race though, maybe I have to set up Ranked matches?  But still an awesome package that continues to grow.  

The only problem with Burnout, as we both discovered today, is getting lost.  The map really is that big.  However you can't really criticise the ambition, and with a new area on the  way soon, the map isn't getting any smaller.

Maybe AT will buy that for us.


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