Monday 6 April 2009

Cowes, twitter, etc.

So yesterday (sorry would have posted, too much guiness) we had a small twitter twibe get together in Cowes.  @WH1SKS, @Codshead, @RickHarwood and @gray333 in a pub, watching footy and playing fruities.  Weird but also highly enjoyable.

Cheers gents was good to catch up.

ZE came out and joined us too and it's always good to see one of the tree-house members for a few hours away from their partner.  She's had a tough time of late but we he had a laugh and hopefully took her mind off stuff for a few hours.   

Week off draws to close with lounge not decorated, but batteries recharged (on touch and phone) and an addiction to twitter of worrying proportions.  Honestly though, twitter makes me laugh, a lot.  It is better than facebook, you just have to give it a week.  Or follow me.  That's @gray333, on twittter.  @gray333, you got that?   Nice one.  Ta and that.

Must go, need to tweet and snooze...  

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