Friday 24 April 2009

#follow friday

Fridays are for following.

Tis what one does on twitter.  Recommend ones eminent tweeting mates to everyone else and get #followfridayed yourself.  What's the '#' for?  If only I knew...  I just know that if you just type 'followfriday' without the '#' at least several people are laughing at you somewhere in the twitterverse.  And we can't have that can we?

For those of you not twittering or for those who've tweeted and run, twitter is weird.  But it is worth that initial three weeks of 'wtf'.

On other matters.  For yes there are some.  Sky+HD arrives Monday.  It's been two years since the arrival of the HD TV, and although I've loved gaming in high def, I am so looking forward to HD football, movies and all. 

Oh and 'Treehouse Monday' just got cancelled.  Rubbish yes.  However tomorrow I see my best man from the ill fated marriage for the first time in a year.  What on earth he will make of twitter, never mind the PS3 is any ones guess...

At some point I'll explain the 'Treehouse'.  But I think everyone has enough trouble following the Ledger stuff without the introduction of more stuff a bit like it that isn't quite as cool.  Sorry AB, and ZE.  Plus 'Treehouse' folk are interchangeable.  The Ledgers are not, despite the threats...

And just for the record... 113 on Flightcontrol...

Laters people.

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