Saturday 25 April 2009

3 day break....

Three whole proper days off.  Means I will start BioShock.  Means I've turned the PS3 on.  Means I've got the new update for the PSP.  Not too sure what that did... bugger all I suspect apart from a PSP news feed thing like the PS3 has... that I turned off.  Cause it looks rubbish.

Awaiting arrival of former best man, I sense  some Guitar Hero.

Have discovered Spotify this morning.  Basically listen to anything you like, for free.  Legal too.  Nice.

Download at:

Cheers to Ricky Bobby for the tip.

Hull away today for the boys.  We desperately need the win after the 4-4 with Arsenal and then we need Spurs to do us a massive favour at Old Trafford.  I think the titles gone though.  Tis a pity.  Sigh.

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