Sunday 26 April 2009

Man United ruin another perfectly great weekend the <>'s.

2-0 down at half time Manchester United won 5-2 yesterday.  Bollock, bollocks, bollocks.  Yes that's bollocks, thrice bollocks.

I am beginning to think I'm going to watch Man U lift the trophy in HD.  Brilliant.

My lot did win however, and I am glad we've at least made a bit of a fight of it, but clearly the title is going to Old Trafford.  However I am looking forward to next season, we have definitely got the makings of a squad that can challenge.  The summer is going to be very interesting.  To say the least.

Great day with former best man.  Had been about a year and always quality to catch up with him.  He was a lil shocked at the host of gadgets at number 24, but things have moved on a bit here since his last visit.  So we gamed a bit, he got some kills on Cod, and then we went into town for beers and Sailor Jerries, which theboycheese has got me into in a big way, despite the weird smell.  Not theboycheese's smell, the drink...

More gaming today with company.  Smiles.

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