Friday 3 April 2009

Guitar Hero World Tour - Review

It's hard to review this fully yet, but I have had one evening with DE and I playing at being in a band.  It has to be one of the most fun experiences on a games console.  It also helped that DE knows how to drum so I was playing (?) guitar.  Enormous fun.

The Guitar is not significantly different to the old one, you can use GH3's guitar with no problems, but the drum kit is fantastic.  I am shit with it though, which is currently frustrating.  I think I might need to sort of learn how to play the drums.  But it does look cool, and feels substantial enough to not seem like a toy.

Obviously this game was built with a Ledger night in mind and once that's happened (2nd of May apparently, which feels ages away) I will post a proper full band review.

The PSN shop had 3 Pixies songs available for download last night, which was hard to resist.  Indeed it was so hard to resist that I folded like an easily folded piece of paper.

Debaser and Monkey Gone to Heaven.  Brilliant, even with just the guitar.

The big argument on Ledger night is going to be who sings.  But still can't wait.  Fantastic game, but better with friends... or mannequins.

4/5 (this may go up/down after Ledger Band Night) 

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