Friday 3 April 2009

Twitter Twatted

This happens every now and again.  Twitter sort of starts to die.  At some point it resumes life, presumably after some resuscitation, or some such.  But after a day at work not tweeting it is very annoying to arrive home and now not be able to tweet properly.

This on top of router melt down last night is very annoying.  I exaggerate of course, the router merely seemed to be downloading an update, and started working again after about 10 minutes.  But still annoying as hell.  Not that life revolves around my Internet connection or anything.

Apparently twitter is over capacity, I suspect it's new found popularity could be its downfall, and I probably should have bought that Godfather box set for this evening after all.

The Wire still manages do make me consider not going out again until I have Sky+ installed.  Truly the first four episodes have been stunning TV.  Last nights investigation of a crime scene with two of the leads just uttering the f-word every now and then was one of the best bits of telly I've seen in a long time.

This weekend doesn't exactly hold the promise of the last, although afternoon drinks in Cowes with twitter mates should be fun.

So with tweeting not an option I may resort to some Cod tonight.... or some wine. Or both.

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