Sunday 19 April 2009

Mumbai Surprise

Well, we pulled it off.  JMcG got the surprise that G-Unit was after.  Ledgers and other assorted guests waited in Cafe Mumbai for his arrival and he was genuinely surprised, which was nice.

So a belated 'happy birthday' from the Blog JMcG, poor lad shares his birthday with the sinking of the Titanic and the Hillsborough tragedy...

We moved onto to Orange Rooms and the combo of wine at lunch, beer watching footy and eating curry, and rum in the club have led to not feeling brilliant today.  Fuzzy head etc etc.

Also a 'happy birthday' to my step dad for today.

So yeah, out for lunch too yesterday.  Had a lovely time.  Thank you.

So, moving on, for this is not a gossip column... I got 100 on flight control.  Loving that.

I've got BioShock to start at some point today and am looking forward to it as the sequel looks very intriguing, but I want to play the first one, which is, apparently ground breaking.  And brilliant.  Will let you know what I think.

Also, later this week, I get to do a gig review.  Probably be up on Wednesday, or very late Tuesday night.

Right off to watch Everton-United Cup semi final.  Always a tricky one for me, but today, I'm supporting Merseyside.... laters

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