Monday 20 April 2009

Twitpic change & Pollock App Review

Have been quite poorly today, so with poorly comes boredom.  With boredom comes strange ways to amuse ones self.  

The Pollock application on the touch/i-phone allows you to create your own Pollockish pictures.  Having taken the touch to the Island last weekend and let my sisters kids run riot on it I thought it might be cool to change my twitter profile pic.  So after much faffage, this is the result.  Although in retrospect I should have added an @ symbol for the twitterverse.

It is very cool though and I shall post up my niece and nephews awesome pieces shortly.  Seriously they look like pure genius.  Which of course, they both are.  And yes we are referring to them as pieces...


Also showed the cat a video of herself.  She spent twenty minutes looking for herself behind the PC monitor and then went out in disgust.

Was too poorly too start BioShock so that'll have to wait until later in the week as tomorrow I'm off to see the Levellers in Portsmouth.  Felt very old last night when I realised how long ago it was I bought Levelling the Land.  1992.  FFS.  How did that happen?

So yes, now feeling slightly better, won't go into details, etc etc.  But thanks for asking.

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