Sunday 10 May 2009

2000 gig... too much?

My new sparkly hard drive now works with the PC and the PS3.  This involved much faffing.

Essentially this involved reformatting a terabytes worth of memory into fat32 (? I have no idea either), twice.  First time Windows failed me after 14 hours of plugging away.  The second time a third party bit of software did the trick.

So a terabyte of memory to fill.  Sweet.

Although this did get me thinking that I have excessive amount of data storage at my disposal.  Somewhere in the region of 2000 gig's worth... awesome.  PC, PS3 (320 drive installed), Sky+, terabyte drive, and a couple of i-Pods.

Now to fill it all... theboycheese, AT's and JMcG's film collections need a ripping... but you didn't hear me say that.  OK?  Cool.  Laters.

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