Sunday 10 May 2009

Star Trek - Review

A re-boot of the franchise that could so easily have fallen flat on its face.  

That it doesn't not only comes as a pleasant surprise but the film also succeeds in breathing new life into an ailing franchise.

JJ Abrams not only says, 'Sod it, lets have an alternate time line here,' he also imbues the characters first imagined by Gene Roddenberry back in the 60's with a new vitality.

Abrams also gets some great performances out of his actors but Zachary Quinto's take on Spock is a standout.  That Leonard Nimoy also gets to play old Spock only adds to the films credibility.  The special effects are stunning and the use of noise to utter silence as the camera moves outside and into space is brilliantly done.  Simon Pegg clearly can't believe his luck that he's playing Scotty.

Very very good then but five out of five good?  Nope, Watchmen is my benchmark film of the year, along with Gran Torino, so far.  This doesn't hit those hights, but great fun none the less.  Go watch, even if you think you hate Star Trek.


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