Monday 11 May 2009

Loads to get through...

First up Star Trek Rage.  

So some people seem to have issues with the new Star Trek movie.  Not many... but this review sums up their feelings:

It's sort of a Yahtzee rip of review from another guy on the same site.

I got into quite a debate today with Mr Gibb over this.  So has my review score changed?  No frickin' way!  I am not so easily swayed.  Yes the plot, after further analyses, does have holes in it.  (Quite large, black hole proportioned holes, as it happens.)  But does it entertain?  Big frickin' tick there.  Basically, just don't over think it.  Particularly the future Spock/Romulan planet bit.  

But thought I'd share the opposite side of things to give you a balanced view and that.  On a similar note please don't vote Tory at the next General Election.

Anyway... my friend Mr Gretts has now posted some more vids of his PS3.  Watch the Little Big Planet ones as they are his own creation.  You can find these here:

With a bit of luck he'll post some of my levels...

I have started BioShock by the way, and have also, for my sins, got Singstar Queen.  Partly for the comedy angle at the next Ledger I host and partly cause, well, it's Queen init.  BioShock, is interesting, beautiful, odd, but a little bit too hammed up for my liking.  I like my shooters a bit more visceral I think.  

Also had ace weekend. ;-)

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