Tuesday 12 May 2009

Transformers and other Stuff

This trailer looks stunning, and not just because it's got Megan Fox in it.  Although that does help.

Star Trek debate at lunch with the two Ledgers.  Explained Mr Gibbs argument.  Think AT suggested a ball kicking... Although it did take AT a while to grasp what he'd been on about.  theboycheese was far more interested in scanners from till points appearing on the Enterprise Bridge.  I kid you not.

They are clearly visible in this pic:

Handy for those last minute purchases in a universe without money...

Have decided that I must dedicate some time to gaming this week, although a lengthy snooze this evening has prevented me from diving straight in.  JMcG, expect some World at War.  Clan Ledg must rise again.

Speaking of gaming I did give Singstar Queen a little blast... very odd on ones own but if there's one thing that stands out it's the user interface.  Beautifully done by Sony.

Sony's new Mp3 player looks interesting too.  32gig, Wifi and a touch screen interface.  An i-Pod Touch beater?  Probably not but should get a hands on with one this week, will let you know what I think.

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