Wednesday 13 May 2009

Wednesday Night Stuff

As has become traditional here's Yahtzee's vid for this week:

As usual this comes with a health warning.  No Mum, don't click the link.

So tomorrow is Thursday... just an ordinary day.  But also Icon day.  Get your thinking caps on and tweet me, facebook me, or mail me suggestions, and as usual I'll pick the best suggestion and write a piece tomorrow night.  If you follow on twitter, retweet my tweet tomorrow morning.  Ta.

Last night's new Flight of the Conchords episode on BBC4 was fantastic.  If you're not watching yet, start now.  Very, very funny.

Also had my picture stolen on facebook last night and used by a friend.  The swine.  I shall have my revenge...

inFamous looks intriguing on the PS3, official magazine gave it 9/10, but shall await Edge and games TM's reviews before making a purchase.

Also, I'm going to submit a piece to a gaming website for their consideration.  It has to be about the upcoming E3 show in L.A.  The piece will be up on here as soon as it's written and mailed tomorrow night.  So two pieces tomorrow... I don't make this stuff easy on myself...

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