Saturday 27 June 2009

Slightly new look

I've had a bit of a play with the Blog today from my sick bed and as you can now see there are three columns. Was a major faff but I'm quietly chuffed with the results. Thought it might be a good shout to go back to a black background although I've retained black on grey for the body of my posts to make them easier to read.

Hopefully you'll like the changes... as I've also got rid of a host of widgets that weren't doing me or you any good, so the blog should be loading a little quicker.

During the process I had a look at the Blog using IE8 (newest Internet Explorer) only to discover it wouldn't open. After a bit of digging it transpires this is a pretty common problem. I managed to resolve it by reducing the security settings on IE8 but still very annoying that there's an issue when every other browser works fine. As mentioned in my Google post, I recommend you use anything apart from IE as it is rubbish.

Try these alternatives. Really, they are all so much better.

Then browse with ease without crazy tool bars blocking your view or not allowing access to friendly sites. Like this one...

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