Saturday 27 June 2009

Graffiti - A Request

A while ago I posted a couple of pics of graffiti and I though it might be fun to get you to send some pics into me of any graffiti that you've seen that you thought was cool or amusing. For the tweeters amongst you, twit pic a reply to me and I'll save the image and post it. For those of you not on twitter, you will need to mail me.

Be interesting to see what's out there as I'm sure loads of you walk past stuff every day, that either makes you think or makes you laugh.

Just to clarify I do not advocate the defacing of public property.

Unless it's funny.

The above pic is from the Banksy versus Bristol Museum exhibition which runs until August 31st 2009 and was taken by Jimmy Carr. I knicked it off of twitter. Figured that was kinda Banksy-esque.

I look forward to seeing what you send me.

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