Monday 20 July 2009

Mental Day and the Moon and that.

Today has been the oddest day I've had  in a long time.  It started, at about 11am, with a row.  A row by text but a row none the less.  Full blown, texting row. It's ended with the possibility of co-authoring a book.  In between I figured out how to use the PS3 Eye Toy as a web cam and used Skype for the first time with The Giant.

Also played Battlefield and made some soup.  Less weird, but true.

Today is also the day that man first walked on the Moon.  Amazing yes, but you have to wonder what we've really achieved since.  The astronauts that went were on the news today and they were the epitome of grumpy old men and rather ace.  They moaned at how the space program had stalled and made a good point about how a mission to Mars could unite the planet.  Maybe it's just the cynic in me but I can't see us going anywhere or pouring the resources required into such a massive project until we have to.  By that I mean, when we've screwed up Earth and have to find somewhere else to live.  We'll basically become the aliens of your nightmares, visiting other hospitable planets and taking them as our own, then screwing them up.

The Moon thing is important, but the images that move me aren't the ones of Armstrong stepping onto it's surface they're the ones of Earth from space in its entirety.  Tiny, fragile and beautiful.

I'm no ecologist.  Just makes you think.

So a weird ass day then.  And some stuff about the Moon.

Also, Happy Birthday to The Giant.  (There you go mate, it's almost like I sent a card.)

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