Tuesday 21 July 2009

I need some COD4 practice....

The first ever non ProEvo Ledger was contested tonight on Cod4 after theboycheese and I managed to get both PS3's up and running at mine and set up an online game.


Semi Finals. 1st Legs.

JMcG 13 Kills theboycheese 9 Kills
AT 10 Kills GC 11 Kills

Semi Finals 2nd Legs

theboycheese 8 Kills JMcG 15 Kills (agg 17-28)
GC 11 Kills AT 10 Kills (agg 22-20)

Final 1st Leg

JMcG 27 Kills GC 8 Kills

Final 2nd Leg

GC 14 Kills JMcG 21 Kills (agg 22-48)

So yep my first final.  Utter humiliation.  Awesome.  :-(


  1. I've got a better idea for a COD ledger that will give everyone a chance. Play each other in a league style format ala Pro Evo (with home and away legs and kills and deaths used as 'for' and 'against'. Might make it more competitive than it was tonight anyway......

  2. To level the playing field you have to use a knife...

  3. I don't mind using a pistol or allowing you noobs to have perks