Friday 21 August 2009

15 minutes of Avatar

Today was one of those odd ones in life. I locked down my twitter profile and removed it from the blog. Things had just got too weird. If you tweet and want an explanation DM me and I'll spill like a can of Smart Price kicked over in AT's lounge. However don't think I'm not gonna tweet. I will. A lot.

However I've digressed from my subject matter. Actually I haven't digressed I just didn't start with it...

Lets start again...

You want odd, try going to the cinema, for 15 minutes. For those of you that don't know, Avatar is the new film from James Cameron that's getting released in December. There's been a lot of talk about how it's going to revolutionise cinema etc etc and this is largely because of the extensive CGI and 3D. Now I'm not one to get over excited about stuff for nothing (I am) but this looked freakin' awesome!! What theboycheese and I did this evening was go see a 15 minute trailer at the cinema. You've gotta be pretty confident (or arrogant) to do that as a director, but it worked. The 3D gave it all so much depth, so although you may have seen a trailer on your computer, it isn't going to have done the images justice. I hate to say it but clearly this was made to be watched in 3D at the cinema. Not one for downloading AT... or streaming....


Yes impressive. Yes it does look like a giant cut scene from a game on a normal screen but I am now excited about Avatar. Which to be honest I wasn't before.

Please note I have been very good and not put a single spoiler in... aren't I lovely....? x


  1. It was something I said, wasn't it? I know. It's always something I've said. I'm a pariah...

  2. Nothing to do with you, promise. Will DM you later when I can get to a proper PC.

  3. Done buddy. And you're so right, I am a lovable rogue... lol