Saturday 22 August 2009


I'm not supposed to like Big Brother any more. I gave up on it for about three years after it seemed to descend into 'lets find the weirdest people we can,' rather than finding truly interesting characters to bring it to life.

Someone must have realised because this year the house has been a very interesting place to visit every night. But I can't help but wonder if last night we lost one of the best house mates ever. Bea.

Mental, indescribably destructive, manipulative, and never ever wrong but she thinks she's a sweet natured hippy. I went out with someone like this once for a year (RW gossip fans) and it was a nightmare.

At first I really liked her (Bea). She seemed smart and clever, hot too. But she turned. Big time.

And that's why it got interesting. Watching someone slowly but surely make everything completely about themselves, dominate every conversation and piss everyone else off was just a joy to watch. Freddie, bless him, was completely smitten with her to start with. I guess he just did what we all did at the beginning and got sucked in by a pretty face and a confident girl. But when she bit, man did she bite. Poor Freddie was crushed. After he got evicted she spent this week turning on everyone else. Marcus got it, David (surely next out) got it and even Rodrigo got a smack down. She was a walking tornado in the house, brilliantly bonkers, but quite possibly single for the rest of her life. We're all terrified of her.

So Bea, we'll miss you. You were mental, but shit love, you were great TV.

I completely blame twitter for my Big Brother obsession, in particular @domcoke.

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