Monday 28 September 2009

The Clone Wars

'The brilliant thing about twitter is that it can be what ever you want it to be.' I've said that countless times to lots of people. And it's true. I love the very nature of that. It is something different for each of us that use it.

However, as we discovered on Saturday evening, this can lead to twitter being used for less than pleasant ends.

Go read 'A View from the Box' for the details.

Sassy is our friend on twitter and for those of you too lazy to click the link she has had her account cloned by an unpleasant individual. I'm mainly writing this post to clear up any remaining confusion for any of my friends on twitter that missed what happened on Saturday. Sassy's account is 'Girl_In_A_Box' the person that cloned her account was 'Girl_In_A__Box'. Hard to tell the difference huh? Just one extra underscore and even the picture for Sassy's account was stolen. The tweets directed at Sassy and other members of the twitter massive from the account were horrible and I wouldn't want to put them up here.

However we, the twitter family, stepped up and sent our complaints to twitter. Now whether that worked or the individual concerned has closed the page is up for debate, I guess. But the good news is that it appears to have gone. I've seen some bullying on twitter and some unpleasant tweets directed at individuals, but decided not to blog about it, but I'd seen nothing like this before. Wholly unpleasant and hopefully not a sign of where twitter is heading... A worry though to be sure.

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