Tuesday 29 September 2009

Liverpool thus far.

Tonight we lost rather poorly to Fiorentina 2-0 in Italy. It hasn't been a great start to the season to be honest with some pretty mixed results so far. Ok so we battered Hull 6-1 at the weekend but tonight was a proper test and arguably when we've had those this season we've fallen short. We lost 3-1 at home to Villa and although we're sitting 3rd in the table we've picked up results against lesser teams. Tonight we fell well short and on Sunday it's Chelsea. For me there's something missing and that's Alonso. Aquilani may yet prove to that he can fill that hole but it's pretty hard for him to do that from the treatment table, where he's been since we bought him. Liverpool desperately need some culture in the middle of the pitch, Gerrard can provide that to some extent but then you lose his attacking thrust if he's supposed to turn provider. So it's a quandary. I'm not sure what Lucas offers to be honest, he is rarely incisive and his decision making is poor. Benitez is nothing but stubborn though so don't expect him to make way for Aquilani once he's fit.

I can see Nando getting frustrated if we don't start challenging and as much as he enjoys banging hat-tricks against the likes of hull he's going to get frustrated at the lack of decent service this side is giving him against quality sides.

We look middle of the road, average and lacking in spark. After all the promise of last season this is a huge disappointment. I've said it here before and I'll say it again. 'I can not see us winning the title under Benitez.'

To cap it all off tonight, this was my tweet seconds before Fiorentina scored their first goal.. < Slightly weird. But I have a Fiorentina shirt.>

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