Tuesday 6 October 2009


There may be another post later but I'm kinda frazzled. Hoping you're liking the new look to Diary of a Ledger. I'm still tweaking and playing around with it but I'm kinda chuffed with how well it's starting to turn out. Google have been incredibly helpful with some HTML coding advice. I'm kinda surprised how easy it is to mess around with stuff once you get the hang of it.

Couple of heads up for this week. Tomorrow Cross Blogination with Paul and on Thursday I hand over the reigns of the Icon post to Jen. I'll still be writing it but she's choosing the subject matter for the next four weeks. YIKES!

If anyone else would like to do something similar then let me know. Even if you only want to do it for a week.

Tweetathon looms on the horizon and there will be more details on Saturday or Sunday about how that's going to work and what kind of support you'll be able to give if you tweet.

In the mean time here's something to look forward to in November (hence the post title). Cheers to JMcG for the link.

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