Monday 5 October 2009

The Ledger Weekend that was and some impressions of @domcoke.

I really was far too out of it yesterday to write about Saturday but a journey home from London this evening with JMcG has helped me to remember more of the day.

We were drinking by about mid day. Played a Ledger on FIFA that hopefully you've already caught up on (I won it) supplemented by beer, wine and hot dogs. By the time the taxi turned up at 8.30pm we'd started on the Sailor Jerry's Rum and we were all pretty steamed. We went in the worst pub in the world for one and then moved to a bar where we were able to play the film star game for an hour or so. If you wanna know what our film star game is you'll have to come out with the Ledgers for a night. I am appalling at it. That's all you really need to know.

We then moved onto our real bar of choice and proceeded to have an awesome time. Which I'm absolutely certain between the four of us we could piece together... if we wanted to.

However having trawled through the pictures by far the best are those we took attempting to look like our twitter buddy @domcoke.

Well when I say best...

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