Saturday 17 October 2009

Catch up time.

We better start with Yahtzee who really likes the new game WET... of course he doesn't really. He hates it and uses 'colourful language' to describe his feelings. You know the rules by now kids. 'If you don't like the 'bad' words don't watch.' And almost certainly don't buy WET. (This week sees a true return to form for Yahtzee so even if you hate games and bad language you may chuckle.)

Tomorrow I should have my dirty little mitts on Uncharted 2. I was going to pop into town today but finally tweetathon caught up with me and I fell asleep just after Sunderland's new hot shot striker, A. Balloon, netted against Liverpool. I kid you not.

The Jane Moir story has got my heckles up of course. Her awful piece for yesterdays Daily Mail has rightly made an awful lot of people very angry. Her opinions about Stephen Gately's death have been widely reported and I don't need to go into details here. If you want to know how I feel read Charlie Brooker's comments here, they just about sum my feelings up. She should lose her job but I also strongly believe that people should stop buying the Mail. So you know, stop buying such a vile paper people.

It was also another great example of Social Networking sites showing their power although twitter certainly lends itself better to this kind of thing better than facebook.

Balloons have featured highly this week haven't they? Great TV the other night as one traversed across America supposedly with a six year old inside. When it landed and the 'rescuers' started hacking at it with what appeared to be pitch forks I'm sure I wasn't alone in thinking, 'WTF are they doing?!!!' But clearly once the thing was down it was obvious he wasn't inside. A hoax then? Maybe. Entertaining though? Oh yes.

So that was the week that was. One of the best of my life slightly spoilt by one balloon but balanced back out by another. You couldn't make it up.

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  1. Damn straight about the Daily Mail - an article that really sums up why I utterly despise everything the vile bile-ridden piece of crap stands for. Quite how such a bigoted publication has survived for so long (after backing the National Front and Adolf Hitler) is beyond me.

    Guess there are a lot of middle class racist bigots out there...