Friday 30 October 2009

An interview with @tylermassey. And the week that was, really briefly.

Tyler once again with a new #followfriday video. I wish I could make stuff like this. I guess I could. Maybe I will. But thanks Ty, shout out always appreciated.

Been an ace week in Poole, the kidney stones have been a bitch but this weekend is one I've been looking forward to loads. I've done work for THE Giant that has actually been great fun and who the hell knows where it might lead.

Decision sort of made on my #tweetathon tattoo. I know where the design is coming from at least, more on this over the course of the next few weeks. (Putting that on the blog is a sure way to find out if my Mum actually reads this *waits for phone call.*) Just to say this did involve me having a brilliant idea. No really. It is brilliant.

One last thing (this is a lie, there is one more thing) before I go tonight (I'm not actually going anywhere... until tomorrow) but here's a rare opportunity for you: And it's sort of a clue to the tattoo business.

Lists on twitter... not sure we need them. Did one anyway. Sheep like. BAA!!

Laters kids have a happy Friday night. 8)

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