Saturday 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween all.

I don't really do Halloween or Samhein, there will be no zombie Gray this year, but that's not to say there hasn't been in previous years. There was one Halloween party, probably about five years ago, that JMcG and I attended at a mutual friends house where we both got dressed up as zombies. Now days we'd be talking about Ledger Zombies. Funny how things change. Needless to say this particular zombie got rather drunk and ended the evening down the side of the mutual friends conservatory losing the contents of the evenings consumption. I felt it went quite well with my costume.

So that was my Halloween anecdote, 'no spooks and ghouls Gray?' I hear you ask. Well I have had a few odd experiences , particularly when I lived in London and we all have our favourite ghost story or horror film. For me 'The Shining' is probably my number one spook movie, Kubrick's masterpiece, is one of my favourite movies but 'my' actual ghost stories will stay firmly locked away. Basically because they're not remotely scary. And I think they may have been hallucinations... (see, whole other story.)

On a completely unrelated note here's Yahtzee's review of new game 'Brutal Legend'. If you don't like 'the swearing' you will be HORRIFIED!!!! DUM DUM DUM!!! Have a suitably spook ridden weekend friends.

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