Sunday 1 November 2009

87 Bazillion Guns.

Obviously there is no point buying a new game over the next few weeks. Why? Because in under two weeks we will all be sat in front of our HD screens, screaming 'frag out!!' calling in air strikes and shooting the crap out of people from our helicopters. No really, we will.

That doesn't mean I don't get tempted by other games and this evening I have been tempted by Borderlands cell shaded graphics and promise of 87 bazillion guns.

No, I won't submit to this temptation, Modern Warfare 2 is what it's all going to be about, particularly on line. But there are other temptations, DJ Hero looks more than interesting and even @WH1SKS was twitpicing (sending pictures to twitter) of the new Tony Hawks game that comes with a skateboard peripheral. Gaming clearly grabbing more than just the attention of us geeks then? Cool. Lets just say that there's gonna be a Christmas list and lets face it I have been very good this year. 8-D

A lovely weekend, thanks to those that need to be thanked.

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