Friday 8 January 2010

Cool things about the white stuff and one crap thing.

This amazing pic of the UK taken yesterday shows just how much snow we've had.  The whole bloody country has turned white.  This has naturally led to many, many snowmen.  My personal favourite was this effort by @RickHarwood.

One Crap Thing is that in the middle of the coldest snap since 1981 my heating has stopped working.  Well the boiler is working, firing up etc, but it's not heating the water.  I have a guy coming out to look at it on Monday but until then it's fan heaters and a slightly dodgy convector heater that works intermittently.

Last night saw the cat and I turn the lounge into a camp as it was the only room I could keep warm.  She never actually sleeps on me but I woke up at around three this morning and she was on my lap playing at being a hot water bottle.  Which was kinda nice.

Those who've been around for a while and followed on twitter since the Gray333 days will remember boilergate from last year.  I'm pretty sure that this time around it isn't gonna get fixed with a hair dryer but hopefully it's just an air pocket in the system stopping something from happening.

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