Thursday 7 January 2010

Icon #36 @KyeLani

For @WH1SKS' final topic he chose 'the most Iconic tweeter that you would like to meet'.  Naturally quite a few people picked celebs and up until about 3ish I was going to go for @wossy for obvious reasons.  But then slowly but surely people started to suggest 'real' people that they'd felt a connection with.  Which is rather lovely.  And the case was very strongly put via DM on twitter for one of my favourite tweeters.

I'm fairly sure that @KyeLani (Sarah) will look at tonight's post and go 'WTF?!!!!!'  In fact I know she will.  She may be tempted to lob a frag in my direction, but to be honest grenades aren't her strong point.  Just get me in your sights next time we're on line mate.  I'll let you get a nuke to make up for it.

Sarah is like the glue that holds twitter together.  When she's not been on for a while things don't feel quite the same.  It's hard to put your finger on why exactly but I will do my level best to explain.

No matter what is happening in Sarah's life she always takes the time to ask how your days been.  And lets be honest about this things have been pretty tough for her of late.  Her incredibly touching story, that she published to the world on her blog, meant that when Kye (one of her two Huskies) passed away just before Xmas, we all felt it.  I know I was not alone in sitting at my computer with tears rolling down my cheeks on the  17th of December.  The out pouring that Sarah received after that blog post was about how much people cared about her.  Of course we were all terribly sad about Kye but because of the way close friendships form in the twitterverse people cared about Sarah and how she was doing.  And we all still do.

Now of course that could have been anyone.  But I don't think just anyone would have got that reaction.  Sarah got it because of how she tweets.  She is one of life's givers, so generous with her time and having met her in real life I can confirm that she is equally ace in person.

She just sums up what twitter is for me.  We look out for each other, we are there for each other through the good times and the bad and we are honest with each other.  The great thing about twitter is how people use it in different ways, I very much enjoy that side of it.  But Sarah is just herself on twitter, there's never any sense that she's using it for anything other than just to say hi to her friends and catch up.

Sarah stayed up both nights for the tweetathon with me.  We play on COD together.  She has become one of my best mates through the medium of twitter.  I have made so many friends through that strange place, truly that is how twitter feels to me, but @KyeLani is just a star.  Kind, considerate and loved by many.  And she can hold her own with AT, which is something I barely manage.  Just kidding buddy.

For the quote, and I'm not sure Sarah know's this, but she's the one that let me know I'd.... well read it yourself.

'@diaryofaledger NO YOU'RE OVER £1000!!!!!'

Tonight's post is dedicated to @butterflygrrrl, @nessalouise and of course @KyeLani.

Also massive thanks to @WH1SKS for four excellent post topics.

Ok a tiny caveat to tonight's post.  I've met @KyeLani so who would I most like to meet from twitter?  Well... I'm not gonna tell ya. x


  1. Thank you. Think she was taken a bit by surprise but I'm glad I didn't go with a celeb.

  2. VERILY!!! Gratz Sarah and well deserved! She has the sexiest shoes in all of twitterdom. #FACT If I make the hop across the pond, we're going shopping, girl!!! :D:D:D