Saturday 2 October 2010

The Lost Eleven Minutes of Lost - Review

I'd been looking forward to this even though I wasn't one of the Lost fans beating my fists on the floor, wailing for answers as Jack closed his eyes and the credits rolled.

So what do we get in the eleven minutes and thirty seconds or so that didn't make the final cut?


To be honest we don't get much.  We all knew this was going to be a brief snap shot of Ben and Hurley running the Island, what I wasn't expecting was for none of it to actually be on the Island.  We get Ben talking to two employees of the Dharma Initiative somewhere in the States, packing food in boxes for the residents of the Island ten years after the Dharma crew have been ousted.  Ben lets them down gently, pays them off and shows them one of those training videos that explains the presence of Polar bears on the Island.

Cheers.  That one was really bothering me.

There's then a brief segment that will probably thrill the Lost fans who were complaining that poor old Walt, so important during Season One and Two, got short thrift in the finale.  And when I say short thrift, I mean he wasn't in it.  At all.  

It's a nice tie up for Walt's plot line and we briefly see Hurley in the back of a car, but to be completely frank, you can see why this stuff ended up on the editing room floor.  It's just TV fat that never made it into the pot.

I was a bit naive I think.  I was hoping for an eleven minute Match of the Day style highlights package of Ben and Hurley running the show and that's a long long way from what this is. 

I loved Lost.  Loved the two hour final episode.  This...?  Hmmmm.  Lets just say I wouldn't recommend anyone buys the Box Set of the final season just to see it.

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