Tuesday 19 April 2011

Game of Thrones - Review

One episode in then.  Consider this an interim review?  Cool.

Last night's post detailed how much I love the books and there was real concern that the series would be a huge watered down disappointment.  The opening, taken directly from the text, was pitch perfect.  Atmospheric, violent and scary.  I'd forgotten how Game of Thrones started, but without that beginning, and despite the fact it's barely mentioned again in the book, you have no sense of where this story might be heading.

George RR Martins' vast cast of characters has been brought to life pretty well.  Sean Bean was great as Eddard Stark (and I had my reservations) but the real star was Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister.  The character who many call their favourites is brilliantly realised.  Funny and dark, just as Tyrion should be.

There's been no holding back on the underage sex or the incest either.  The violence, which last night included a beheading and some entrails spilling out of a chest hasn't been toned down in the least.  Game of Thrones is set in a harsh, realistic(ish) world and without the sometimes shockingly brutal acts the story just wouldn't work as it should.

Many of the other characters that some of you met for the first time last night don't really come to life until later books and the ten episode series has a couple of big challenges to come, but episode one did a good job of setting things up for another nine more mouth watering weeks.  And to be honest all that really mattered was that the Whites were done well.  And they were.

Winter is indeed coming.

A great start.  Well done HBO.


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