Monday 16 May 2011

Two Weeks. No Smokes

All I really seem to be missing at the moment are those five minutes of peace at work.  Standing outside and shutting off from everyone that exists outside of my iPhone can be quite a cool thing when accompanied by a cigarette.  Without them I'd just be some bloke on a roof with a phone.

The lozenges are negating the cravings amd although I think I may be on them for a while, the plan is to cut the dose down to 1mg rather than 2mg after the Isle of Wight Festival.  Which, when I've used them in the past, I've not done.  Festival will be a massive will power test in itself but I'm more determined than I've ever been to not cave.

I've been more active than I can remember being in about four years.  My house is positively gleaming and even the garden looks reasonably respectable.

The money saved is scary.  Really scary.  So far, according to the NHS iPhone App, I've saved £121.26.  Even if you take out the forty quid I've spent on the lozenges that's still over £80.  Mental.  What the fuck was I thinking?

Setting up internet banking before hand (I know, I was late to the party on that one) was a good idea too.  I can see that I still have cash, where as usually a week before pay day, I'm starting to think about which game I need to sell rather than thinking I might have some left over to stick in the savings account.

And it's good for the site.  My Cineworld pass, which I got back in April because I knew giving up was coming and was therefore affordable, means that there will be more film reviews.  I can afford more games, so there will be more game reviews.  I can afford more gigs, so if I get my arse in gear more band reviews.  Basically it's just good all round.

I might miss those five minutes, but I don't miss the smoking roof.

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