Tuesday 31 March 2009

The Wire

Can see why this got so many plaudits.  Fantastic first episode, yet again proving that the Americans do this stuff so much better than we do.  The sad thing is that we've had to wait so long for it.

There's always the possibility of watching on download but that's a lot of TV to pilfer.  

It's early days but can already see these characters becoming part of my life, on a geeky have to watch every week kinda way.  There's something to say for a TV program getting a proper airing on one of the four main channels, just gives it that bit more credibility I guess.  I always thought that Channel Four did the West Wing and ER a disservice by sticking them on More 4.  Presumably to boost ratings for those channels, although I suspect they lost more viewers than they gained.  

The Wire is made by HBO, who made Six Feet Under, maybe the last show that really gripped me completely, and is set in Baltimore.  Apparently each season focuses on a different part of the City.  It's a harsh, undiluted look at the US and won't be for everyone, but kudos to the BBC for airing it.

Second episode airs tonight and I will be watching... and tweeting, obviously.

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