Wednesday 1 April 2009

April Fools

Usually April Fool gags are a bit pants.

This one made me chuckle for it is well written and about twitterville.

Good spot Miss F (fellow blogger and twitterer).

I was gonna do one myself.  But I didn't.

My mother, (President of the Isle of Wight) has discovered email.  My sister (hero of the world) is teaching her about computers and that.  Have received two mails so far (first was all in capital letters, maybe she was shouting) but will keep you all posted on progress.

Guitar Hero World Tour review later after more tub thumping.

Which reminds me I haven't reviewed Streetfighter HD remix.  To be honest I might get theboycheese (TM) to write a guest review as I'm so bad at beat 'em ups, and it hurts my hands.

For the record though, it's pretty, you hit things, they fall down or you do.  I fell down a lot.  The end.

Shearer back at the Toon this morning.  Thought it was an April Fools, they'll stay up now which is a bit of a shame. 

This is a bit of a pointless ramble this morning.  But I do love a pointless ramble, through the woods.

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